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How can I get some positive help to export

That moment of inspiration

UK Export Finance, Government help for exporters, UK Export Finance products and services.......gosh! To the layman, or the uninitiated in government jargon, the will to live may have expired long before the answer to the question is found.


I am sure the well-meaning civil servants in the Treasury are very good at their jobs, but their ability to impart concise information in readily available format does seem at odds with the recent messages sent out by the Chancellor and his Business Secretaries regarding Export Finance Assistance, for ...

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Evolution: From Road Freight Pioneers to International Freight Forwarders 1963 to 2014

Astran delivering in the difficult territoriesIt’s not easy to paraphrase the evolution of a company like Astran. For over 50 years Astran Cargo has been involved with transporting all manner of commodities by road from Europe to the "difficult” territories of the Middle East, Iraq, Turkey and until recently, Iran.

Perhaps not so widely appreciated are the other supporting services that have been developed over the years. The experience and expertise that has been cultivated moving all types of cargo during wars, political upheaval, volcanic eruptions and most of all, rapid change, is ...

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Beware of container-shaped icebergs in Bay of Biscay!

The ship was en route to Sri Lanka and is reported to have lost a "significant” number of containers overboard.  More recent reports say as many as 50 could be missing. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. The statistics for "lost” containers worldwide would, if available, make sobering reading.

You may be wondering where this blog is going. Well, let me tell you, as an experienced amateur sailor, news such as this makes shivers go up my spine. It is no ...

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Qatar - re-inventing itself

The Harbour in Doha, QatarQATAR, vibrant, manic, stately, hot, cool. All these adjectives and a lot more describe this corner of The Gulf that is re-inventing itself as a high-end tourist destination.

With the second highest GDP in the world, this country can take on projects that most would run a mile from. Simultaneously under construction are a Metro system being built from scratch, a new sewage system running the length of the country, 4 world class football stadiums, an airport and countless other infrastructure projects running up to the 2022 World ...

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Astran/Tekno 1:50 scale models - Latest News

We have just received information from Tekno in Holland that upon final examination of the Scania 140 Drawbar, they have rejected the entire batch fresh in from China on the grounds that the quality is not acceptable.

 We at Astran share your frustration, having waited such a long time for this new model. It is to Tekno’s credit that their standards are so high that they have taken this dramatic move. Most companies would have taken the easy option. I also have to add that I agree with ...

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