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Rules banning normal weekly rest being taken in the cab are now in force in both France and Belgium.

The new French ban is to ensure that French drivers can take a normal weekend rest outside the cab, preferably at home. The rules do not specifically refer to foreign operators or transit traffic, or to the effects of delay or other issues relating to unexpected events. However, it must be assumed that all nationalities will be affected.

Belgium always had restrictions, but until recently there was no enforcement.

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A Big Thanks"Jan, you were brilliant this year – even better than last year. Trucks on time or early, and kept us well informed as always – you seem to have those hauliers well under control. Thank you hugely for making my life so much easier, and we will be back to annoy you again next year Well done, and have a great holiday”   This is a word for word extract from an email received by our operations department following a run of 20 or so containers loaded in Berkshire and shipped to various ...

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A battle-weary Astran trailer offloading in Bow in 1982

Destination Doha Dover!

The recent relaunch on DVD of the 1977 BBC ‘World About Us’ documentary ‘Destination Doha’, which chronicled pioneering UK-Middle East haulier Astran’s tortuous overland route to the Gulf, brought to mind the (very) small part we played in their operation back in the day.

Providing a traction service for their trailers in the UK, the frequent 24 hour delays at Dover whilst trailers cleared customs might seem insignificant when compared with 5 days on the Iranian border, but for an owner driver being ...

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It is interesting to note that French authorities have stepped in to force major sea container operator, Maersk, to clear up the mess left behind after more than 500 containers were swept overboard in February this year.

As mentioned in the Astran Blog in February, the presence of so many containers potentially floating just below the surface of the water constitutes a huge hazard to small ships. Furthermore this happened in the Bay of Biscay, not too far from the shores of Northern France, and the English Channel, ...

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That moment of inspiration

UK Export Finance, Government help for exporters, UK Export Finance products and services.......gosh! To the layman, or the uninitiated in government jargon, the will to live may have expired long before the answer to the question is found.


I am sure the well-meaning civil servants in the Treasury are very good at their jobs, but their ability to impart concise information in readily available format does seem at odds with the recent messages sent out by the Chancellor and his Business Secretaries regarding Export Finance Assistance, for ...

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